eyeliner needs to be colored dark enough match my heart and winged sharp enough to pierce souls

Anonymous asked: first of all how dare you with that thor graphic

HEH sorry i have a lot of norse god feels i couldn’t not

if you must die, sweetheart
die knowing your life was my life’s best part

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Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron SDCC Teaser Breakdown


We saw a ton of Avengers: Age of Ultron footage, which starts light-hearted. We see the Avengers sitting around trying to untangle the “whosoever is worthy” thing, regarding who gets to hold Thor’s hammer. And they all think it’s a trick, or a circus sideshow.

"If I lift it, do I get to rule Asgard?" Tony asks. And Thor says yes. Tony says he will be fair but firm, and maybe work out the "wench clause." Tony can’t lift it — even after he puts on an Iron Man glove and gets Rhodey to help him. Soon everybody is trying to lift it — including Bruce Banner, who gets kinda upset — and only Steve Rogers even comes close.

Black Widow doesn’t even want to try lifting it, because “That’s not a question I need answering.”

Tony guess it’s keyed to Thor’s finger prints, or some other biometric, but Thor says the answer is simpler: “You’re all not worthy.”

Then there’s a ringing sound and they’re all deafened, and Ultron strides into the room, with a crude Avengers logo painted on his slightly misshapen chest. “How could you be worthy? You’re all killers,” Ultron says. “You want to protect the world, but you don’t want to it to change. There’s only one path to peace: your extinction.”

Then a shit ton of robots burst through the wall and attack all of the Avengers, plus Maria Hill.

Then we hear Ultron’s voiceover saying he had a vision of the whole world screaming for mercy, and everybody tangled in it.

And we see glimpses of some city in what looks like Africa being reduced to rubble by an attack. There’s a closeup of Loki’s staff, and everybody looking freaked out on the Quinjet — most of all Bruce Banner, who is holding himself and shaking with a terrified look on his face. People are running everywhere, and the debris is flying like crazy.

Ultron gives a menacing look, as he surveys all the destruction.

Then there are some hero moments: Captain America enters a place shooting some guns. Stuff is blowing up. Banner staggers to his knees in  a snowy forest, looking sickly. Thor uses his hammer to smash a tank. Black Widow is in a medical bay, reaching for some surgical tools. We glimpse Nick Fury looking the way he did at the end of Winter Soldier. And Scarlet Widow is on a bus, approaching some people at the back of the bus with magic in one hand.

Tony Stark is looking forlorn and guilty. “It’s the end, the end of a path I started us on,” he tells Black Widow, who says everything ends.

Scarlet Witch sinks to her knees shouting. And there are more shots of Scarlet Witch using her powers, just quick glimpses of her projecting magical energy.

At this point, the trailer strts playing the clasic song “I’ve Got No Strings.”

Tony, in Hulkbuster armor, confronts Hulk on a city street, and there are several shots of them brawling and Tony getting the shit beat out of him. Quicksilver runs through a crowded room that seems to be standing still. Captain America is fighting someone in what looks like a knock-down brawl.

And because this is Joss Whedon, there’s a glimpse of girls doing ballet.

Then we’re back to Black Widow shooting shotguns, and more of the Hulk/Hulkbuster brawl. Thor grabs Tony Stark’s throat and lifts him off the ground. Captain America is riding a motorcycle and then running. Cars are tumbling in mid air. Black Widow touches her hand to the Hulk’s massive green hand, like she’s calming him down. We glimpse a confrontation between Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

And then Ultron finishes the song saying, “There are no strings on me,” clenching a fist as he celebrates that he’s no longer a puppet.

And we go a shot of Captain America’s shield — shattered to fragments. We pull back, and all of the Avengers are lying prone, apparently dead, in the rubble. Tony is leaning over them, and he looks totally horrified and ashamed.

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oh my gosh everyone please stop being like “apollo is pretty! enjolras is apollo because PRETTY!!”

no please

compare Enjolras to whoever you want, but you need to be aware of the god you are comparing him to, and there’s SO much more than how he looks.

okay here are some badass things that Apollo did!!  And along the way, some of my thoughts as to why this comparison was made in the first place.

  • So before the Iliad, he started a plague bc Agamemnon didn’t respect his priest.  don’t disrespect Apollo or anyone he cares about, this is a recurring theme in which everyone dies terribly.
  • He could kill people painlessly or with disease with his arrows (mostly men, his sister Artemis did more with the women)
  • His name is really, really close to a verb for to destroy.  Which is of course very Enjolras, in its way.
  • It’s also very interesting to note here that he is the god of order and reason and the golden mean - but yet, the Greeks also saw him as destructive 
  • God of harmony, order, and reason but he needed his compliment the god Dionysus (wine, ecstacy, disorder, “savagery”…(also loads of cool things i’m not able to mention here bc space)) 
  • Does the Apollo and Dionysus thing remind you of anyone?? (they were brothers so it was kind of different but anyway) (I’m sure Hugo intended this I mean “Grantaire as Dionysus” is the easiest jump to make ever, so that explicit comparison is another of the classical allusions between those two.)
  • His oracles were actually somewhat powerful (politically and in other ways) bc a lot of Important Men came to see them (and misinterpreted their prophecies because hubris and so their empires kind of crumbled and stuff, that’s part of the legends surrounding the Delphi oracle)
  • He has epithets like “radiant” “healer” “light-bringer” “born of a wolf”, one of his epithets is also “warding off evil” and a couple are related to speaking
  • okay so here’s a quick myth that I like about how Delphi got to be Apollo’s place.  
  • So Leto was pregnant with Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, and Hera was jealous (because Leto was impregnated by Hera’s husband, Zeus) and so she send this dragon-serpent Python to chase Leto around.  Apollo grows up, and he’s really upset that Python chased his mother around and didn’t let her give birth and what not.  He went straight to the mountain where Python dwelled, and chased the serpent to Delphi, eventually, to the oracle of Gaia.  
  • Ignoring the fact that this was sacred ground, he killed the serpent near the priestess’ rock seat.  He had to do funeral games (the Pythian games!) for this and purify himself as penance.
  • that was four days after his birth btw
  • I have seen descriptions of him as a “terrible” god, but not like “wow what a crap god you were” but in the “I am genuinely afraid of you wow” sense.  He was respected and held in awe and people were a bit scared of him.
  • …once he begged Hephaestus for a bow and arrows to protect Leto and once he killed a servant of Zeus for killing his son and he wasn’t even sent to Tartarus (partially cause of his mother, too) (that was all really unrelated)

Most importantly, this. 

He was prayed to popularly to ward off evil, and to heal.  In effect, Apollo was a sort of protector god.  And I think that what Hugo was trying to get at was really more this - Apollo as protector of the people, and Enjolras as protector of the people, with as much potential brilliance and awe and ferocity and love as Apollo, which is what I think is really important.

Anyway, thank you for reading!  I just want everyone to be aware of this okay I’m not trying to judge you for comparing the two.  It’s perfectly fine, I just want to you to know the true power of the comparison and who Apollo was.

all the conversation
we need-
your tongue,
my teeth.

"The Avengers initiative was scrapped, I thought. And I didn’t even qualify. Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, don’t play well with others.”

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I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand under the weight.
Malcolm X | The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1964)

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Vegan crepe cake / Recipe

Death twitches my ear;
‘Live,’ he says…
‘I’m coming.’
Virgil  (via mirroir)

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